happy fall y’all

hello Monday!

happy fall y'all

once again….digging into my fall basket of fabric…to continue working on my fall idea…

happy fall y'all

after sewing my strips into pairs, I cut them into 2.5 inch segments…

happy fall y'all

so one block done…not sure if I am making more…bordering it with other fall fabrics or what…I think I will let it incubate and see what I decide…

happy fall y'all

this past week in our backyard…starlings were in our trees!!! so exciting! a certain sign of fall in the midwest, for sure!

happy fall y'all

and they flew off…but so awesome….one of those “wow” events you tuck inside your heart…

Happy Sewing!

2 Responses to happy fall y’all

  1. Beth Talmage October 5, 2020 at 10:41 am #

    Lovely–the starlings, I mean. Nature can be so healing. As I’m watching the geese flying south now, it’s such a reassuring reminder that some things haven’t changed. I am finding it remarkably comforting.

  2. Lori Smanski October 5, 2020 at 10:43 am #

    i love tucking things like this away in my heart. my mom taught me this. I taught our kids. Appreciating nature and its beauty is extremely fulfilling. I love the fabrics you put with the center piece. Very different approach that will make a wonderful something after you ruminate on it. Cant wait to see what happens. You have encouraged me. Gotta go check my fabrics now. Have a wonderful day.

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