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t-shirt quilt tips

t-shirt quilt tips

hello Monday! if making a t-shirt quilt is on your horizon….or if you ever wondered how to begin…I thought I would share a few tips… when cutting out the t-shirt design, I like to leave about an inch all around the design… I use inexpensive fusible interfacing on the back of each design…I use this […]

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t-shirt quilt finish

t-shirt quilt finish + winners

hello Friday! today I am thrilled to share the finished t-shirt quilt! click here to read my previous post on this project… I am happy to report that my nephew loves the quilt!! as usual, my quilter did an awesome job – thanks Gayle!! I enjoy how each t-shirt quilt project I do reflects the […]

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binding time

binding time – wip link up! + giveaway

hello Wednesday! I recently picked up these quilts from my quilter – thanks so much Gayle! so here is a sneak peek of the t-shirt quilt… trimming up my abc…1,2,3 quilt… and binding strips all cut for the t-shirt quilt… now to finish trimming and sew the binding on… and then…time for handwork…my favorite! An […]

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t-shirt quilt top

t-shirt quilt top + winners

hello Friday! this is where I last left you with my t-shirt quilt project… click here to read more… I was sent this shirt to cut up… and this nurse scrub to use for the coping strips in putting the quilt top together… so I ended up using the plaid as filler and then the […]

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t-shirt quilt

t-shirt quilt + giveaway

hello Monday! so once again…I am working on another t-shirt quilt… I like to leave about 1 inch around the design on each of my t-shirts… I also like to frame each design with a border of 3.5 inches and then can always trim it later if I need to… I have this many done […]

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quilts, quilts + giveaway

hello Monday! one of my favorite days… is when I pick up quilts from my long-arm quilter! ¬†thanks Gayle!!! I posted about my t-shirt quilt here… and I am in LOVE with this Firecracker quilt!! and lastly…my Mendocino quilt… so now I have binding to do!! and the fabric scrap giveaway for the week… spy […]

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t-shirt quilt

t-shirt quilt finish + winner

hello Friday! love sharing finished projects… and today you are in for a treat… my t-shirt project is complete!! so this is where I left you… click here to read more… to sew this into a top… I would sew together small sections, trim if necessary and then repeat to keep building… when I had […]

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